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Vinyl Flooring & Luxury Vinyl Tile

A practical choice for kitchens and baths

The most popular type of flooring for areas like kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl or linoleum floors offer many benefits at an affordable prices. Today, the new generation vinyl floors come in many nature-inspired designs and colors.

Durability and Resilience

Vinyl flooring offers durability and resilience unmatched by most any other flooring option. Often referred to as “resilient flooring,” vinyl flooring is very resistant to heat, stains, and water damage. High-traffic areas are no match for vinyl or linoleum floors which hold up to years of heavy use. Vinyl floors are the practical choice for areas of your home such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms.

Flooring with Design Versatility

Linoleum floors have come a long way from the black-and-white checkerboard floors of years past. Vinyl flooring comes in a seemingly limitless amount of colors, styles, and textures to complement any décor. Many options are available that closely resemble other flooring surfaces such as tile or wood. Along with the look you need, you’ll also enjoy added comfort and sound-buffering characteristics of linoleum floors.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

As the name implies this is true luxury underfoot. Luxury vinyl tile (also called LVT) offers sensational realism in stone and wood plank designs. They have the look and feel of the real natural products, but are much easier to maintain. When you first see these floors you will soon realize LVT is also different than vinyl sheet flooring.

One of the big advantages to luxury vinyl tiles are the various shapes they come in. The wood planks are actually three to four feet long and the tiles can be very large squares. In some cases you can even mix and match for a very unique and stunning designer look.

LVT also has a very durable top wear layer that is incredibly tough against scratches, tears and gouges. Luxury vinyl tiles are also very dimensionally stable and can be used in a variety of different areas, including commercial spaces. Some stone designs can be installed with or without a grout for a more realistic appearance and stunning effect.

Vinyl Flooring & LVT Brands We Offer: